Arjun Teja

Half Maverick‽   Half Quipster^

25. Scorpio. Simply Complicated.
Growing-up as a misfit and I aspire to be one because I never fit in!

Agnostic Atheist | Narcissist | Day-Dreamer | Introverted Intuit | Cureless Gadabout | Witty Thinker | Live-Wire | Admittedly Nonconformist

I'm a supercalifragilisticexpialidociously non-lethal maniac with an unlimited intuiting caliber and my levity is so breathtaking for stupid inevitability of life.

I fancy dark things in life at all times and I'm on the mission exploring the demi-blue heaven before it explodes me.

What are you up to?
No Dice? Keep Thinking!

Sundries of Music, Poems
& Photography

To me, Life is a metaphor for 'Metaphor'

and.... I'm Lost!
Are you too?

Write me an e✉, if you'd like to Or STFU!

Else, simply take the pain by socially connecting with me.....